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ISO 9001 and 14001

Consumer Brands International s.r.o. is a Czech company engaged in the production of a wide range of nicotine pouches. It has modern production and storage space, including production technology. Through a team of responsible employees with high expertise and professionalism, we aim to fulfill the requirements of customers and other interested parties with a focus on their satisfaction.

The company's management defines this policy within the established ISR system:

We consider the complete satisfaction of the demands, needs and expectations of customers, which we want to achieve by providing quality products and services, to be an absolute priority. We will use methods and procedures that are environmentally friendly and safe for our employees and the environment. In doing so, we will be based mainly on preventive approaches.

Our policy

Quality and Enviroment

• We are a strongly customer-oriented company
• The goal of all our activities is 100% fulfillment of all predetermined customer requirements
• We try to anticipate all their needs
• We offer authentic and safe products in accordance with the requirements of standards

• Quality and responsible work of our employees is a guarantee of the company's success
• We support and value strong ethical principles: integrity, respect, loyalty and respect for human rights
• Through good mutual communication, we want to deepen the relationship and belonging to the company. The basis of the system is a professionally strong, stable and satisfied collective of workers.

• We prefer only reliable and quality suppliers
• We require our suppliers to be our partners at a high level of quality and environmental assurance
• All our suppliers are able to deliver exactly according to our needs and specifications within the set dates

• All processes are provided in accordance with valid legal regulations for environmental protection, hygiene and safety and health protection at work, which are determined by valid legislation of the Czech Republic, the EU and countries of delivery, compliance with which is a matter of course for us
• We take care of the optimal provision and use of the necessary resources, technical background and necessary support to ensure all processes of the integrated system
• We focus on expanding the market share in the Czech Republic and abroad

• We are based on the principle of continuous improvement and undertake to maintain, develop and further improve our integrated management system so that it is a guarantee of improving the quality of our products and our environmental profile, primarily through the effective use of natural resources, environmental protection, including effective energy management

By applying the tools of active internal and external communication, we will achieve good information for our employees, existing and potential business partners and other interested parties about the requirements and fulfillment of this policy, new services, the company's activities and its intentions.

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